The new tool will assist in sourcing repair warranty validation documents if a customer's original proof of purchase is not available. This tool utilises device shipment data from the warehouse and provisions a validation document which can be submitted with repairs to the TDC.

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  • If you are an iPhone customer with iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.4.1 on your device, please navigate to the General menu within Settings, then select the ‘About’ menu option. Please use the first IMEI found within the About menu option.
  • iPhone validation can only be obtained from the Apple Support web link below
    Please visit the link to validate iPhone warranty validation. Please note proof of purchases is no longer required. Apple online validation has replaced this.
  • ePOW is an alternative mobility warranty validation form that is an alternative and compliments the requirement for the original proof of purchase for warranty repairs.
  • If the original proof of purchase isn't available, the shipment warranty validation form can be supplied in its place for warranty repairs.
  • The printed hardcopy of ePOW validation document or original proof of purchase MUST be supplied with the repair request submissions for warranty consideration.
  • Warranty Validation is based on shipment data. Original proof of purchase documentation are more accurate on the warranty terms applicable.
  • If non valid ePOW devices have proof of purchases that validates warranty, then please submit these in ePOW's place.
  • ePOW warranty validations can only be used for repairs submitted to the TDC. They cannot be used to prove warranty for repairs sent to independent service agents.
  • ePOW for DOA/ELF can only be used for devices sold and shipped direct to customers. This includes TEG and TB.
ePOW Questions and Answers
What is ePOW? ePOW is a warranty validation tool that sources warranty information based on shipment data from the warehouse to the retail segment. Depending on shelf life and warranty terms, this data and attached invoice number can now be used to validate product warranty if no original proof of purchase is able to be obtained.
Does ePOW replace proof of purchases? No. Proof of purchases is still the preferred and most accurate document to validate a device's voluntary warranty term. It should only be referenced and submitted if a customer's proof of purchases isn't readily available. ePOW is a support tool, not a replacement to proof of purchase requirements.
What if the IMEI in ePOW is not found? There are many reasons why an IMEI might not be found in ePOW. This includes.
  1. The device is not sourced from Telstra or is a non-Telstra device
  2. The device was shipped before January 2010
  3. The device IMEI has already been exchanged previously by the TDC or a service agent as part of a previous repair.
What can I do if the IMEI isn't found?
  1. If the customer purchased the device from Telstra, then they need to source their original proof of purchase invoice.
  2. If the customer has a previous repair/exchange, then the store contacts the TDC to confirm the previous repair submissions and notes the job numbers on the repair request. No other documents are required to be submitted.
What if ePOW is showing an invalid result and the customer is well within the warranty period? ePOW validation is based on shipment from warehouse data, so devices with a very long shelf life could show invalid results when this is not the case. A customer's original proof of purchase must then be supplied for warranty validation.
Can I use ePOW warranty validation to send repairs to external repair agents? No, ePOW warranty validation is an initiative that is exclusive to the TDC. Other repair agents will not accept this as proof of warranty.
If I confirm warranty validation in ePOW, can I send the device without warranty validation or proof of purchase paperwork? NO, you must provision either an ePOW warranty validated PDF or original proof of purchase. If no warranty validation paperwork is submitted, the device will be treated as OUT OF WARRANTY and follow the quote and fee process. This is IMPORTANT. The TDC manages 1500 incoming devices daily and any lengthy investigations by the TDC to confirm warranty will delay the repair process for all devices.
Can I use ePOW for DOA/ELF? No, because shelf life will disadvantage customers. Please ensure you use the customer's invoice for this?
When is ePOW data the most accurate? When Telstra has shipped the device direct to the customer from the warehouse, then ePOW data is the most accurate. Purchases online, MSC, TB, and TEG ePOW validations are accurate.
Why is Apple iPhone's warranty validation in ePOW discouraged? Because ePOW is based on shipment to market data and because Apple voluntary warranty is only 12 months, the chances of shelf life giving inaccurate validations might be high, so in keeping with sourcing validation data online, you can source warranty validation by visiting the Apple support website. Once checked and validated by the store, you just write that warranty was validated online and will be accepted by the TDC. Please note warranty will be checked and if invalid, will be quoted and have possible charges for service fee. If a customer has a proof of purchase that is contrary, please submit for warranty consideration.